MBA Dreamz moves to its new domain

23 04 2011

Hi Guys,

Whats up? As I prepare myself to re-apply this year, I am moving MBA Dreamz from wordpress blog to its new domain:

Sp, get your feeds updated. I have written to almost all where the MBA Dreamz feeds are active but I, also, take this opportunity to ask ClearAdmit, Accepted, The Art of Applying, Beat the GMAT, Stacy Blackman, MBA Crystal Ball  and Hella to kindly update the feeds.

So, do visit the blog, where I take on another year to my journey towards my MBA.

~ Deepak

PS: Posts from hereon will come only on and I will be deleting this blog in sometime.



One response

12 05 2011
Sameer @ MBA Crystal Ball

Congrats on the move, buddy. It was about time this blog got itself a spanking new home. Looking forward to more interesting posts from you.

Good luck.

– Sameer
MBA Crystal Ball

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