ClearAdmit Twitter Trivia Winner

24 06 2010

Yeap, I won this week’s quiz and hence, an amazing guide of Harvard Business School from ClearAdmit. At first look, the guide looks amazing with the topics. I am excited to go through it soon as I plan to start my essays pretty soon in fact. I am going keep this post very very short. GMAT preparation is at its full swing. I am very close to my target score. Do look forward to an interesting post that I am currently drafting: Attacking GMAT and MBA application season “Kung-Fu Panda” Style either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks again to ClearAdmit.




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25 06 2010
Fridays from the Frontline » Clear Admit: MBA Admissions Consultants Blog

[…] enthusiasm for the advice offered by Clear Admit counselors during an online chat. Miles to MBA celebrated a recent victory in a Clear Admit Twitter competition. KT celebrated the fact that he has received a TOEFL waiver […]

1 07 2010
Attacking MBA Applications Kung-Fu Style « Miles to MBA

[…] 1 07 2010 My Aplogies guys but I have been terribly busy with some work. As promised earlier, here goes the post of looking this admission season in kung-fu panda […]

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